monday night tactics

12 years since "The Evincing" 12.23.2013

Dec. 23 2013
Personal Journal of James Preston
El Paso, Texas, USA

Journal, Today marks 12 years since E-day. When they first started to appear I thought it would change everything. These people, Men, Women, Children, All with these gifts. The Government was afraid, Afraid the Evics would be treated unfairly despised and hated, turn to violence and hell would follow. They had it wrong. Being an Evic did not mean you were hated, the masses worshiped them. They became movie stars, sports legends, pop icons. Every Ape wanted to be one, to have powers, no matter how small. That is not to say the Evics weren’t exploited, The military saw to that. The ‘Evincing response act’ made sure they were all registered anyone, who showed signs real or not was cataloged. Sure there were those who refused and there still are those cells here and there of Evics and sympathizers, But if it wasn’t for them where would I be. Erickson tells me my name was being tossed around before the S.R.D. even had a name. 12 years and things haven’t changed the world is just as it was except now some people don’t need a trigger to take a life.

VERSION 2.0 coming soon

Hey, guys
I’ve been toying with some ideas about MNF, and also a new name.
there will be alot of new stuff being posted in the near future.
Alot of the basics are going to remain the same but there will
also be lots and lots of changes
some very very radical from what is in place now.
hang tight.

*complet rules
*new units
*customization system
*A back round of the world
*new campagin modes


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